Wednesday, 6 March 2013


"One-two, shots to the chin.. knock you out"
"One-two.." "Devestating!" "On da mic"
"One-two.." "The maker, owner!"
"Come on, now come on"

Got you quiddear and ski-dared, fearin what we might do
And you can give me all mine in cash, that will suffice dude
In the streets deep, we roll through the city
Looks like it's time to eat, so yo who's with me?
Strictly, we keep it in the best perspective
Cause nowadays it's more than simply live and let live
A sedative, that's what these headcases need
Them rats'll get trapped soon as they taste the cheese
Black M. Casey fan, just pay us and scram

Watch us drop a new supply to up the daily demand
Phony critics wanna retract shit, once I spit again
And since we didn't finish the job, you gettin hit again@

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