Friday, 24 August 2012

Ado performing lives on cityfm105.1 fm 8:30 with kshow

new artiste called ADO coming out with his new style AWAWU-MOTILOSIBE.. Performing Live on cityfm105.1fm 8:30 today on hip hop ride with kshow...u can also download his music here!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

More than anything, it's a way of looking at the world.

I do art.  I love it, and I've supported myself with it over the years.   I have a fair amount of technical ability and I'm very versatile. I can copy anything--would be a good forger.  I've called myself an artist, and even listed it on my tax returns for a couple of years.  But I always feel like a phony, because I lack that essential spark, that fire that is the thing that sets the true artistic personality apart from the rest of us.  My husband once told me that I'd never be a true artist "because I'm not tormented enough."  I know what he means.  Even in my younger days I was more interested in taking a nap than expanding my creative limits.  When I was growing up,  I was offered a chance to go to the High School of Art and Design (and 2 subway tokens a day) if I'd stay in school.  I quit school and got a job in a supermarket because I wanted a steady, reliable income.

To define an artist you must first define art..

Art is about freedom and creative expression.  Being an artist is first and foremost about feeling free to create. It is about expressing what is inside you, expressing something that potentially others have not expressed before or have expressed in a different way. It is about expressing what you want and maybe even need to express. It has nothing to do with schooling or if you create profesionally or as a hobby.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


listen up i A.D.O, ado will tell u a story
about me and myself growing every day by day,
in music why i keep trying for the fame and glory
coming out to the world,telling the world the fact
with me am the nation

Here i am telling u a story
about me and myself growing up in music,
which some would try for money to pay
while others aren't so bold

To tell u am an artist that walks alone on th street
someone says behind my back
"he's got his gall to call himself that
he doesn't even know where he's at"

What makes you an artist?

With a back ground in art history and museum studies, and professional experience in museums and galleries, I always find myself skeptical when some one says "I'm an artist." So what makes you an artist? When do you decide that it isn't just for fun, and a hobby, but that you can really be an Artist, and a professional at that? When was your "ah-ha!" moment that said "NOW I'm an artist!"
Personally, even though I've had things on walls (both in galleries and homes) and people offer me money for things, I couldn't call myself an artist.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Music and Inspiration

An elderly man, with his pretty daughter on his arm, was passing along the street, and emerged from the gloom of the cloudy evening into the light that fell across the pavement from the window of a small shop. It was a projecting window; and on the inside were suspended a variety of watches, pinchbeck, silver, and one or two of gold, all with their faces turned from the streets, as if churlishly disinclined to inform the wayfarers what o'clock it was. Seated within the shop, sidelong to the window with his pale face bent earnestly over some delicate piece of mechanism on which was thrown the concentrated lustre of a shade lamp, appeared a young man.

"What can Owen Warland be about?" muttered old Peter Hovenden, himself a retired watchmaker, and the former master of this same young man whose occupation he was now wondering at. "What can the fellow be about? These six months past I have never come by his shop without seeing him just as steadily at work as now. It would be a flight beyond his usual foolery to seek for the perpetual motion; and yet I know enough of my old business to be certain that what he is now so busy with is no part of the machinery of a watch."

"Perhaps, father," said Annie, without showing much interest in the question, "Owen is inventing a new kind of timekeeper. I am sure he has ingenuity enough."