Wednesday, 24 October 2012


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             Music Back Ground ..  With a back ground in art history and museum studies, and professional experience in museums and galleries, I always find myself skeptical when some one says "I'm an artist." So what makes you an artist? When do you decide that it isn't just for fun, and a hobby, but that you can really be an Artist, and a professional at that? When was your "ah-ha!" moment that said "NOW I'm an artist!"

Personally, even though I've had things on walls (both in galleries and homes) and people offer me money for things, I couldn't call myself an artist. Crafter, maybe, but not an artist.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Being an artis Is Not a Day Job...

"Artist" is also a way to say what you do, in general. People like to label each other, and calling someone an "artist" puts them in a category to make it easier to know what they might be like, I guess.

It’s a word I feel very uncomfortable with.  I prefer to be just known as a decorative painter.  Being an artist is too broad--do you sculpt? Paint on canvas?  Make jewelry? Sing? Act? Sew?  It is to all-encompassing, and too "uppity" it sometimes feels to me!  And there’s an implication, it sometimes feels, that you can "do it all"--do anything in art, when maybe you just have a small specialized area that you have developed and excel at.

I guess I was officially an "artist" when I had my first book published. It was a painting book, full of designs and all the instructions, step by step, for you to paint them.  People treat you very differently, as being in print kind of "establishes" you, makes you something more than a "hobbyist", I guess. You are  PUBLISHED!  I attend many of the decorative painting conventions and all of a sudden I was "somebody", not just another "painter".  That's a nice feeling, but did it make me an "artist" all of a sudden? No, not really! It just made me someone with a familiar name!

I guess